The RN IV Refresher course is an 8-hour course designed to refresh and update the
RN's skills and knowledge of IV Therapy.

This is an excellent course for nurses reentering the health care field!
RN Refresher Seminar Highlights:

Peripheral IV Catheter Topics:

Basic anatomy and physiology
Tips & Tricks of PIV (Peripheral IV) starts
New devices and their use
Identification and prevention of PIV related complications

Central Catheter Topics:

Indications for CVADs
Types of CVADs (Central Venous Access Devices)
Non-tunneled, tunneled, implanted ports, and PICC catheters
Care of central lines - Antimicrobial solutions, new dressing materials and
stabilization devices
Flushing CVADs - Flush techniques, devices, use of Heparin
Implanted port access with safety non-coring needles
De-clotting CVADs
Blood collection from CVADs
Monitoring CVADs
Complications of CVADs - Identification, interventions and prevention
Current Standards of Care
RN IV Refresher
Course content based on the INS 2011 Standards of Practice as well as guidelines
from the CDC and AVA.
Registration fees minus $30.00 will be refunded if cancellation is received at least 5
business days prior to seminar.  

There is a $30.00 charge to change registration.

No refund will be granted for cancellations received less than 5 business days in
advance of the seminar.
There are no seminars scheduled at this time.

For a refresher/update, you might consider attending our LPN IV Certification
Laboratory Practice Day which we hold once a month.

At the lab practice day, we will discuss and demonstrate the following skills:

PIV insertion techniques
Monitoring of PIV sites
Discontinuing PIV catheters
Blood collection from peripheral veins
Equipment used in IV hydration
Antibiotic administration via gravity, IVPB and by direct injection
CVAD identification
CVAD dressing change procedure
Blood collection from CVADs

The students will have adequate time with mentoring to practice each of these skills
on mannequins.

The laboratory days are from 9:00am - 5:30pm and are held at:

Garcia's Mexican Restaurant in the DTC, 5050 South Syracuse
Denver, CO 80237 (303) 779-4177

Registration fees for the LPN Lab Practice are $259.00.
For a list of LPN Lab dates
click here

Lunch included