PICC/ML Insertion, Care and Troubleshooting Seminar

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Seminar Content

The PICC/ML Insertion, Care and Troubleshooting Seminar is a comprehensive course
designed to provide the educational foundation for competence in the insertion and care of
PICC and/or Midline catheters.

Content will include; legal aspects, proper patient and catheter selection, anatomy and
physiology of the vascular system and surrounding structures, complications of insertion
and prevention, as well as demonstration and practicum with the modified Seldinger
technique with ultrasonic guidance PICC insertion.

The seminar will also include care and maintenance of these catheters as well as
identifying, preventing and troubleshooting complications.

The practicum will include, a complete PICC insertion, dressing change, de-clotting
techniques, and blood collection.

The seminar content is based on current INS, CDC and AVA guidelines and standards.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion for 16 contact hours
PICC/ML Courses
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