LPN IV Certification
Lab Dates
Laboratory Practice Days

Laboratory practicum is scheduled individually, based on availability of the instructor.

Please contact us for additional information through the contact us  
link below.
Or send us an email at: CCC@CassuttConsulting.com.

Lab practice will be scheduled after the submission of
the quiz answers and preceptor form.

Clinical skills validation now available.

We now offer a clinical skills validation.

After the laboratory practicum, we will test the LPNs on all of the
required skills. If the LPN can successfully demonstrate all of the
required skills on mannequins, we will sign them off for the clinical
portion of the course.

The fee for the clinical skills validation is $50.00.

The LPN will need to register for the skills validation and submit the
fees 1 week prior to the lab practice date.

For additional information, please
contact us

Please NOTE: The following fee schedule for issuance of duplicate
copies of certificates or proof of completion of the course:

$50.00 for certificate or proof of completion in a course greater than 3
years prior.
$30.00 for certificate or proof of completion in a course less than 3
years prior.