This 8 hour seminar will prepare the MA, RT and other health care professionals to
perform peripheral IV access and limited intravenous fluid treatment, utilizing
knowledge, skills and competencies required to safely perform such techniques
under the supervision of a physician or registered nurse.

This seminar will provide lots of hands on practice to allow participants to  become
familiar and comfortable with equipment involved in IV therapy.

Course content based on current INS, AVA and CDC standards.
Due to COVID restrictions we do not have any seminars
scheduled at this time. The only courses we are currently doing
are at institutions.
Please contact us if you are interested in having a course for
your staff at your institution.

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Smoky Hill Library
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Class size is limited, so register early  
Registration and payment
MUST be received
one-week prior to seminar date
Intravenous Techniques Course Objectives

Ø     Discuss legal implications of venipuncture and infusion therapy

Ø     Demonstrate understanding of the general anatomy and physiology of the adult
circulatory system.

Ø     Name and locate the peripheral veins and arteries of the upper extremities.

Ø     Demonstrate awareness of the characteristics, which differentiate arteries from veins.

Ø     Identify approaches to deal with the physiological changes resulting from the aging

Ø     Identify peripheral veins appropriate for venipuncture.

Ø     Demonstrate the proper ways of vein distention.

Ø     List the factors affecting site selection.

Ø     Demonstrate the correct steps in initiating IV therapy.

Ø     Demonstrate the securing of the IV site.

Ø     Demonstrate the correct procedure for proper infection control and blood borne
pathogen safety measures.

Ø     List and describe the signs and symptoms as well as interventions for complications
of IV therapy.

Ø     Calculate the flow rate for a gravity infusion.

Ø      Demonstrate removal of an peripheral IV.
Intravenous Techniques
Registration fees minus $30.00 will be refunded if cancellation is received at least 5
business days prior to seminar.  

There is a $30.00 charge to change registration.

No refund will be granted for cancellations received less than 5 business days in advance
of the seminar.