Independent Study format

This 60-hour full IV Certification course will prepare the LPN to perform intravenous
therapy and venous blood collection, through peripheral and central venous catheters,
utilizing the knowledge, skill and competencies required to safely perform such
therapy in accordance with the Colorado Nurse Practice Act.

It has been written for the practicing LPN to allow the participant to work at his or her
own pace and time.

The participant need only attend one day of laboratory instruction and practice. The
rest of the course is to be completed on your own time and at your own facility.

You must hold a current and valid unrestricted LPN/LVN license in order to register for
this course and apply to the CO BON for the IV authority.

This course is approved by the Colorado Board of Nursing

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Registration:  $549.00
plus $45.00 application due to BON upon successful completion
Once Independent study course is mailed there are no refunds.
There is a $50.00 charge for replacement booklets.

Qualified preceptor: An experienced clinician, employed by a health care agency,
who holds an active license to practice as a registered nurse or LPN with the IV-2
Authority in Colorado without current disciplinary action.
LPN IV Certification  
Full 60 Hour Course

Course Breakdown:

Independent study - 44 Hours
Laboratory instruction & practicum – 6 Hours
Clinical with preceptor – 8 Hours
Total = 60 Hours

Section One – Independent Study

Once registration and payment is received we will mail out the independent
study modules.

Read the course and complete the written tests. You will also need to arrange
a qualified preceptor at your institution to precept you in the clinical skills.
You will have 3 months to complete this section.

Section Two – Laboratory Instruction/Practice

Once you have completed the self-study modules and quizzes, and arranged
a preceptor, you will need to register for a lab instruction day.

At the lab practice day, we will discuss and demonstrate the following skills:

PIV insertion techniques
Monitoring of PIV sites
Discontinuing PIV catheters
Blood collection from peripheral veins
Equipment used in IV hydration
Antibiotic administration via gravity, IVPB and by direct injection
CVAD identification
CVAD dressing change procedure
Blood collection from CVADs

The students will have adequate time with mentoring to practice each of these
skills on mannequins.

The laboratory days are scheduled individually, based on instructor

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Section Three – Clinical skills validation

After successful completion of the written and lab practice the LPN will
complete a skills validation check off with preceptor(s) at their facility.

Once all of the skills have been successfully demonstrated and signed off,
FAX or mail the completed validation skills check off to us.

We will then mail you all of the required forms for you to submit to the
Colorado BON along with a check or money order in the amount of $45.00 for
the IV-2 authority.

You have 3 months from the date of the laboratory practice date to complete
this section.

Skills to be validated with qualified preceptor:

Peripheral IV starts on clients.

Initiation and monitoring of IV fluid administration through peripheral and
central venous access devices.

Flushes into venous access devices designed to maintain venous patency for

Administration of pre-mixed antibiotics via venous access device to clients.

Utilization of IV pumps.

Peripheral venous blood sampling on clients.

Discontinuation of peripheral short devices.

Documentation of nursing actions and observations.

Sterile dressing change on central venous access device.

Blood collection from a central venous access device.
We now offer clinical skills validation!

For LPN's who are currently unemployed or do not have a means
to validate their IV skills

After successful completion of the laboratory practicum, we will assess
the LPNs techniques on all of the required skills. If the LPN can
successfully demonstrate  all of the required skills on mannequins, we will
sign them off for the clinical portion of the course.

The fees for the clinical skills validation is $50.00.

The LPN will need to register for the skills validation and submit the fees
1 week prior to the lab practice date.
Please NOTE: The following fee schedule for issuance of duplicate copies of
certificates or proof of completion of the course

$50.00 for certificate or proof of completion in a course greater than 3 years prior.
$30.00 for certificate or proof of completion in a course less than 3 years prior.