Must have prior approval before registering for this course

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The LPN will submit a registration form, along with evidence of completion of an IV
program, or a Colorado LPN license indicating the IV authority, and signed agreement
with payment.

These items may be mailed, faxed, or completed online at our website at:

After receipt of above items, Carolynn Cassutt Consulting will send the Central Line
Self-study and written tests. These can be emailed, mailed, or faxed. Please indicate your
preference on the registration form in the comments section.

The LPN will review the course materials and complete the written tests. Once
completed, the LPN will need to attend one of our LPN IV Certification Laboratory Practice
days. These are offered every month generally on the 15th. For a complete listing of dates
please visit our web site at:

The written exam answers and request for laboratory practice date need to be received at
least 1 week prior to the date of the laboratory practice day.

Upon successful completion of written tests, minimum of 80%, demonstration of
competency in all of the required skills at the laboratory practice day, Carolynn Cassutt
Consulting will submit an application to the Colorado Board of Nursing for IV-2 authority.

If LPN is unable to successfully complete the challenge quiz, for an additional fee
($50.00) we will send out the entire LPN Independent study course for review and the
LPN can retake the written exam.

In the event the LPN is unable to demonstrate competency of the required skills, then the
LPN will need to arrange an RN preceptor at their place of employment, then demonstrate
all of the required skills in a clinical setting under  the supervision of the RN preceptor.
Once completed, the preceptor form and completed skills check list will need to be
submitted to Carolynn Cassutt Consulting, Inc.

There is a $45.00 fee due to the Board of Nursing for the IV-2 authority. This fee is not
included in this agreement and the LPN will need to provide a check or money order
made out to the Colorado Board of Nursing for application submission at the Lab Practice

Registration: $449.00

Once study materials are mailed, emailed or faxed there are NO refunds.

If you are in agreement, sign below and mail along with documentation to: Carolynn
Cassutt Consulting, 7563 South Salida Court, Centennial, CO 80016.

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LPN License #   -------------------------------------------------       
LPN IV Authority Challenge Agreement
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